Profile measurement

PLAST-CONTROL has been manufacturing its own capacitive measuring sensor technology for online thickness measurement of films for many years. Besides the capacitive measuring sensor C-KOPF, sensor C-SCAN offers solutions for barrier and cast films.

The AIR-CC offers another possibility for non-contact measurement.

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Products in the area of profile measurement


Measurement of transverse profile tolerances with a capacitive measuring sensor on the film

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Capacitive systems can be used in the company's own rotary scanner for blown film tubes (PROFIL).

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Contactless capacitive profile measurement C-CAN for barrier films on blown film lines

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Precise and effective IBC control for systems with side gusset insertion, with separate width control.

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Profile measurement

The type of line as well as the extruded film types determine the type of profile measurement.

PLAST-CONTROL uses exclusively relative working, capacitive methods. The standard is a contacting C-head, which is mounted on a radial adjustment and rotating ring and oscillates around the film bubble. Optionally, a non-contacting measuring head (Air-CC, patented) can also be used. This measuring head is especially suitable for sticky films and films with sensitive surfaces.

Another variant is the C-Scan, also a capacitive measuring system, but also suitable for barrier films.

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