PLAST-CONTROL has developed a new integrated solution for a cleaner gravimetric dispensing process and a fully automated sequence process for less material loss during job changes.


PRO-CLEAN essentially consists of a new design of continuously operating gravimetric hoppers and conveyor systems with the aim of reducing contamination and resulting imperfections in the film surface. Dust and material residues remain in the dead zone areas and require a time-consuming cleaning process. PRO-CLEAN uses a new conical weigh hopper that replaces the classic "slide design" with its large dead zones.

The gravimetric hopper is completely filled in only one conveying step, and due to the conical design, all internal hopper surfaces are continuously self-cleaned by flowing granules, preventing material or dust from sticking to the walls.


PRO-DRAIN is a further development that allows all gravimetric metering units to be cleaned at the end of a job. The remaining granules are conveyed to a separate container by means of a vacuum system. At the same time, synchronized pulses of compressed air clean the metering unit of dust and residues left in strategic areas of the weigh hopper.

PRO-DRAIN is controlled by the new PLAST-CONTROL software MMC ("material minimizing control") to calculate the minimum amount of material needed to complete a job.

The use of MMC ensures that the weigh hoppers are almost empty at the end of an order. MMC in combination with PRO-DRAIN enables an automatic material change at the time of the start of a new order. As a result, time-consuming manual emptying and cleaning operations are no longer necessary.

Our products in action

Your advantages of PRO-CLEAN and PRO-DRAIN

  • Minimized downtime

  • Raw material savings

  • Less material waste

  • Reduction of scrap rate

  • Clean conveyors at all times

  • No more dead zones

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