True non-contact measurement with AIR-CC

Capacitive systems can be used in the company's rotary scanner for blown film sleeves (PROFIL) or in the double/single flatbed scanner (C-SCAN) for barrier and cast film applications.

Although suitable for approximately 80% of applications, the need for a low-maintenance non-contact gauge head was identified. The new AIR-CC non-contact capacitive profile gauge head was developed for measuring films with sticky surfaces or films where optical quality is the primary concern.

The potential problem with non-contact capacitive sensor systems is trying to keep the air gap between the sensor and the foil constant. This requires additional sensors and overall means a complex system with mixed results, considering the wide range of products in the industry.

The AIR-CC sensor also uses an air cushion, but solves the distance problem. Instead of trying to control that distance, it actively measures the air gap and adjusts the feedback signal based on the distance of the film from the sensor.

The variable offset generated by the sensor array responds according to the position of the film, ensuring accurate measurement of thickness variations without the need to keep the gap constant. This solution is very reliable and stable and is suitable for applications where measurement near the collapsing frame is unavoidable, or for unstable processes such as silage films.

Our products in action

Your advantages of the AIR-CC

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Measurement of sticky and sensitive surface films

  • Measurement independent of air gap size

  • Precise measurement due to double capacitive sensor technology

  • Long service life

  • Wide range of film production from 20 - 250 µm


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