Compared to continuous dosing, a batch mixer works according to the "gain in weight" principle when producing the mixture. In this process, material gates are opened for a pre-calculated time and the weight gain is registered in the weighing chamber. When the batch is complete, the material is discharged into the mixing chamber and mixed. The accuracy is ± 0.3%.

The discontinuous batch mixers from PLAST-CONTROL can be operated offline, but also in conjunction with an extruder control system.

The mixing hopper itself then operates as a gravimetric weighing hopper in the "Loss-in-Weight" process.

The cost effective PRO-BATCH units are built for 4 or 6 materials and different throughputs of 150/450/650 or in special sizes also up to 800 kg/h.

Model PB4-180 PB4-450 PB6-150 PB6-300
No comp. 4 4 6 6
Max. Out-put kg/h 180 450 150 300

The new PB types combine many positive features and the experience of the last decades. During development, special attention was paid to the compact design, easy handling, high precision and easy cleaning. The new design of the slides, the effective Helix mixer and the transparent construction convince the user.

The combination of the two dosing principles (batch and continuous dosing) is unique in the market and enables a solution perfectly tailored to individual requirements.

Your advantage:

  • higher throughput capacity due to twin-chamber system
  • pinpoint accuracy in subsequent metering
  • cost-effective batch alternative
  • best possible safety at the workplace

Our products in action

Your advantages of the PRO-BATCH

  • precise batch mixer

  • compact design

  • versatile in use

  • good accessibility

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