The reduction of transverse tolerances on blown films is a focus at PLAST-CONTROL. In addition to the actuator used, fast and accurate software is crucial for the good result.

The PRO-CON profile control works with an automatic, segmented cooling ring that regulates the volume of the two cooling air streams and thus achieves an influence on the film thickness in the plastic area.

Existing thin spots in the film are cooled more directly when the melt leaves the die and can therefore no longer expand as much. The film remains thicker at this point.

PRO-CON reacts accordingly in the opposite direction to thick spots in the film. Depending on the raw material and product handling, the film circumference tolerance is reduced to a possible minimum. The cooling rings are available in six sizes.



Nozzles ⌀ in mm

PRO-CON C-200 / 32 80-200
PRO-CON C-400 / 48 200-400
PRO-CON C-750 / 64 400-750
PRO-CON K-1100 / 80 750-1100
PRO-CON K-1650 / 106 1100-1650
PRO-CON K-2200 / 128 1650-2200


Our products in action

Your advantages of the PRO-CON

  • Halving of the initial tolerances

  • No additional energy input into the film

  • output increase due to MAGIC FLOW

  • simultaneous control on thin and thick sections

  • easy retrofitting

  • rotating/oscillating nozzles retrofittable

  • automatic profile offset calculation

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