PRO-SONIC can be implemented in any PLAST- CONTROL computer. Three ultrasonic sensors are used for non-contact measurement, existing control dampers, proportional valves, iris diaphragms or frequency controlled blowers can be taken over and further used. Replacing an existing IBC control system often makes sense, as today's systems are non-contact, much more precise and respond faster. This saves edge trim and minimizes scrap. PLAST-CONTROL engineers recommend using a new, fast-acting control damper in the retrofit, which is available in two different sizes.

Advanced non-contact IBC control system.

Accurate and consistent bubble diameter control for the complete B.U.R. of the machine is important for film quality and production efficiency. Our IBC control system is designed to be retrofitted to existing machines. Using advanced software and multiple non-contact ultrasonic sensors, the system calculates the bubble diameter with precise tolerances. The sensors can be mounted on the fixed part of the calibration cage or on the moving arms. Each application must be reviewed for best placement based on existing hardware and the customer's end goal.

The position of the rollers can be adjusted by the operator, from no contact to heavy contact or any position in between. The IBC control system can be supplied either as a stand-alone version or fully integrated with the PLAST-CONTROL extrusion control line. The bubble adjustment can be realized either by changing the blower speed or by a valve. The new PLAST-CONTROL STV is a fast-acting valve driven by a stepper motor and receiving setpoint information via software. This "fly by wire" principle has virtually no resolution limit and no backlash as occurs with other forms of control.

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Your advantages of the PRO-SONIC

  • Non-contact bubble measurement system

  • Very fast and precise measurement with ultrasonic sensors

  • Precise throttle valve with stepper motor for flat web tolerance +/- 3 mm

  • Rugged construction for long service life

  • Fully adjustable for a wide range of operating conditions

  • Improved bubble diameter control

  • Stand-alone or fully integrated versions

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