Precise and effective IBC control can replace separate width control, especially for plants with gusset insertion. For lines without gusset insertion, conventional width measurement and control is the first choice. In this case, a width measuring bar is installed between the layflat and the winder. Width variations are compensated by diameter adjustment of the calibration cage and the IBC control.

The NANO measuring bar has been technically revised, improved and made more cost-effective. The width measurement takes place just before the winder and thus corresponds exactly to the width on the film reel; any shrinkage is completed by the measuring point.

Quality improvement due to PLAST-CONTROL width control system

The PLAST-CONTROL width measuring system consists of two measuring units which are joined together by means of mounting brackets to form a measuring beam. The cable connection between the two beams is made by a prefabricated plug connection.

The width measuring bar is installed behind the film flatness. Infrared sensors precisely detect the edges of the film web. Any shrinkage is largely completed at the measuring point.
Width variations are compensated for by diameter adjustment of the calibration cage and IBC control.

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Your advantages of the PRO-WIDE

  • Precise width control

  • Flexible attachments for the rollers

  • Torsion resistant construction

  • Wide range of application

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