The PRO-CON FLEX is the direct successor of the PRO-CON cooling ring which has proven itself for many years.

As before, the (energy-saving principle) air flow is modulated to achieve a control result on the film web, but no longer via channels distributed around the circumference, but via a flexibly deformable medium located directly at the exit of the 2nd lip.

By controlling at this point, a significantly faster and more precise influence on the cross-profile tolerances of the film is achieved. Harmful blurring and overlapping of the air streams is eliminated.

The film profile control reduces the amount of plastic used and significantly improves the film properties and thus the processability on the downstream converting machines.

The cooling rings are currently available in 2 sizes, covering die diameters from 200 - 850 mm.

Sustainable film profile control with savings effect

The energy consumption of an automatic cooling ring for film profile control is more than ever an important criterion.
Example: For a 400 mm die, 100 zones of heating bolt rings are used. Each zone has a connected load of 300 watts. If we calculate with a 50% switch-on frequency, we get the following picture: 100 x 300 W x 0.5 = 15 kW heating power.

Due to the heating of the air (which may have already been cooled before), the cooling power at the foil is naturally reduced. If the customer wants to maintain the same output, the cooling air must be cooled (to compensate for the additional heat input) = 15 kW / 0.8 efficiency factor = 18 kw. This gives a total of 15 + 18 = 33 kW.

Electricity costs have risen considerably in recent months, but even assuming the average industrial electricity price of 2021 = 25 Ct/kWh, the picture is as follows: 7,800 hours of production per year x 33 kW x 25 Ct = 64,350 euros per year. Even assuming 25% duty cycle, this is still over 32,000.00 Euro / year.

The PRO-CON FLEX C400 consumes approx.1,3A, approx. 300 W. With a 50% switch-on frequency and 25Ct/kWh and 7800h production, this results in electricity costs of 292,50€.

The current electricity prices exceed the assumed values by a multiple.


Our products in action

Your advantages of the PRO-CON FLEX

  • Dynamic and more precise control through influence at the outlet of the secondary lip

  • Flexibly deformable medium for transitionless control

  • Defined and directed cooling air jet

  • Easy operation

  • 20 % less energy consumption compared to PRO-CON due to improved aerodynamics

  • 99.5 % less energy consumption than comparable heating bolt based rings

  • Optimized design through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

  • optional for rotating or reversing nozzles

  • optional height adjustable with counterflow / 4 Star technology

  • Patented

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