The most suitable solution to control the final film width is by using our absolute width infrared sensor measuring system. Mounted after the collapsing Frame, these sensors will report the physical width of the layflat. Width adjustments are made by automatically opening or closing the calibration cage on IBC systems or with a digital air valve on non-IBC lines.

For gusseted films we offer the option of installing Ultra Sonic sensors above the calibration cage which measure the bubble diameter; the PRO-SONIC controls the opening and closing of the cage.
The NANO width measurement is a technically revised version of our width scanning system, with simplified electronics and lower cost. Actual width is measured just before the winder and thus corresponds exactly to the true width of the film roll, with any shrinkage already taking place prior to the measuring point.


  • precise width control
  • various roller surfaces
  • rigid construction
  • compact design with wide adjustment range
  • easy maintenance

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