The IBC-control system PRO-SONIC can be integrated into all PLAST-CONTROL systems or can be supplied as a stand-alone system.

For accurate control of the bubble diameter, speed is everything. PRO-SONIC incorporates non-contact high quality ultrasonic sensors processed by ultra-fast signal processing hardware and software. Bubble diameter is calculated within 100 ms per update.

Stepper motor driven air Throttle Valve (STV) supplies instantaneous response to the control required by the system. Layflat width variations are reduced to a minimum. Start up requires minimal operator interaction.

Edge trim and start up waste can be reduced and nominal thickness is maintained.

Ultra-Sonic Sensors
We have achieved width tolerances of less than +/- 2 mm on existing lines using the latest generation of Ultra Sonic sensors combined with the newly developed air control valve.


  • fully integrated
  • cost effective solution
  • high resolution ultrasonic sensors
  • high speed air valve

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