Compared to the continuous dosing,  the  batch blender works according to the „gain-in-weight“- principle. The material gate opens for a pre-determined time and registers the gain in weight in the weighing chamber. When the batch is complete, the material is discharged and mixed in the mixing chamber. The accuracy is of ±  0.3%.


The PLAST-CONTROL batch blenders can be used off-line as a general purpose blender, online or on-  line with extrusion control. The mixing hopper itself, works as a gravimetric weighing hopper in a "loss in weight" process.


The low-cost PRO-BATCH-devices are built for 4 to 6 materials and several types of throughputs: from 150/450/650 to custom sizes of up to 800   kg/h.


The new PRO-BATCH series combines many positive features and  the  experience of  the  recent decades.  In the developing process, we especially paid attention to the compact construction, easy handling and operation, high precision and simple cleaning of the batch.

The new design of the slide valves, the effective helix mixer and transparent construction are meant to assist the user.

For special requirements, a combination of both dosing principles (batch and continuous dosing principle) is also possible.


  • more precise batch mixer
  • compact construction
  • usable in varous situations
  • highly accessible