The PRO-CESS operator concept allows a simple graphical touch screen control of your entire extrusion process, including extruder drives, temperatures, blower controls, calibration cage, collapsing frame, haul-off and treater. The NAVIGATOR can be adapted easily to new lines, upgrades or retrofits irrespective of the original equipment manufacturer. PLAST-CONTROL produces many electronic components and ist own software package in-house, which sets us apart from on-going technology obsolescence in the ever evolving computer world. This enables us to provide our customers complete service and spare parts for all our products for many years along with a migration to the future product. NAVIGATOR is simple to use, and includes an alarm handling feature which clearly shows errors and helps the operator quickly address them. This flexible solution for existing extrusion lines, as well as for new lines, enables you to implement an identical operation philosophy throughout your entire company. NAVIGATOR is available in many languages. Safety functions can easily be integrated as well, and will prove their functionality on the occasion of any modifications we make. Advantages:

  • Cost attractive retrofit
  • Line control via touch screen
  • Modular
  • Easy operation, handling
  • Safety function
  • High dependability


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