As one of the pioneers in the development of automatic systems for the reduction of transverse direction (TD) profile tolerances, PLAST-CONTROL has continuously developed and refined its systems.
Our Profile Control systems utilize the profile measurement devices and transmit profile data to the computer. The software calculates and carries out the correct positioning of the actuators which, in turn, control air flow through the segmented air ring.
Functionally the computer opening or closing of actuators within the PRO-CON air ring will increase or decrease the volume of air in each segment. This influences the melt temperature and in turn the film thickness during film blowing step.

The air rings are available in six sizes. In combination with MAGIC FLOW, improvement of at least 50 % of the basic tolerances can be expected, along with higher output rates.

More than 1100 PRO-CON have been installed to date.


  • 50% reduction of the basic tolerances
  • No additional energy input
  • Output increase with MAGIC FLOW
  • Simultaneous control of thin and thick film areas possible
  • Immediate response
  • Easy retrofit
  • Retrofits of rotating/oscillating dies possible
  • Fast return on investment
  • Auto profile shift compensation

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