Vacuum pumps and dust contamination filtration

Dust and contamination of the virgin material often creates problems in the extrusion process. Long transport distances and many elbows between the silos and the machines produce dust and angel hair. These contaminates must be removed before entering the extruder by use of filtration devices.

More and more extrusion companies are changing to a centralized vacuum supply. Advantages like energy efficiency, noise reduction at the work station and a significant higher output at lower costs are only a few reasons. The uptime is increased while the maintenance effort is decreased.

PLAST-CONTROL engineers always choose the optimum solution according to the application. Solutions can include conventional side channel, root, or claw pumps. Customers layout needs can be simulated in the PLAST-CONTROL facility test. Simulation tests verify conveying requirements of pellets with 38/50/70 mm (1.5”/2/2.5”) tubes and distances of up to 130 m (425”) horizontal and 14 m (46”) vertical.

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