Granule air wash system

In-Line material air 'wash' system: type PCH E installed in leading European blown film producer.

Purges granules of dust particles and polymer strands.

Dust and polymers strands are an increasing problem when producing high quality packaging films, causing nibs, gels and imperfections in the film surface which can cause significant scrap rates.

Polymer strands can also block blending and metering equipment in addition to potentially blocking the feed throat of the extruder - increasing downtime and process problems.

The PCH E air 'wash' system is a hopper loader which can be used as a primary loading unit or worked in-line with the existing hopper loading system. Using a unique design the system utilises the existing vacuum pressure to 'wash' the granule of fine particles and material strands which are then collected in the pre-filter adjacent to the vacuum pump.

A recent installation at one of Europe's leading Blown Film production companies demonstrated the effectiveness of the system by drastically reducing imperfections in the film surface when using raw material from the silo storage. These improvements were verified by the customers’ own on--line high resolution optical surface inspection System.


The small Initial Investment of less tha 4.000 € per PCH-E is pays off real fast.